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Engineering and construction


We are specialists in customer-specific engineering projects involving punched and bent parts as well as sophisticated wireforms for small, medium and large batch series. If you are looking for a technical solution in the field of spring technology, ask us.

We offer the following:

  • Support with material selection, manufacturing technology as well as heat and surface treatment
  • Feasibility study and risk assessment
  • Prototypes and production tests
  • Proposals for solutions using CAD 3D processes
With our construction department, tool manufacture and prototype construction, we are able to offer our customers optimum product development. Bring us in early on so you can find the best solution together with our engineers.



Spring components are highly stressed components that are crucial for smooth operation. Be it punching, bending, coiling, pressing, welding, assembling or the like. Our machinery is state-of-the-art.

We offer the following:

  • Punching and bending machines with up to 100 tonnes of cutting pressure
  • Eccentric and hydraulic presses with up to 100 tonnes of cutting pressure
  • Automatic high-speed punching presses
  • Electronic spring coiling machines
  • CC1 machining centre
  • Various special machines for circular spring elements
  • BalTec machines for prototype construction

Heat and surface treatment


  • Annealing and tempering
  • Martensitic hardening
  • Austempering
  • Precipitation hardening
  • Vibratory grinding



ISO certificates 9001 and 14001 as well as IATF 16949 provide official confirmation that our manufacturing processes, raw materials and expertise meet the highest technical requirements and that our production is geared towards sustainability.

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“Truffles are my private passion, your assignment is my professional one”

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Story Trueffel

The hands are digging in the slightly moist, chalky soil. The dog has picked up the scent. This is the moment when your pulse races, routine goes out the window and the excitement builds. How has the truffle developed?

No job, no product is the same. The art of transforming the customer’s needs and requirements into a functioning product, this is the art we pursue. We love the excitement we experience when the first component leaves the machine.

Herbert Lendi grows truffles. This is a task that necessitates finesse, precision and a high level of understanding of the requirements. These are characteristics that we adapt at the Federtechnik Company since the parallels between our projects and truffle cultivation are self-evident.

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Staff of
Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG

Together we want to choose our path and change direction, with interest, commitment, curiosity, openness and enthusiasm. Together we want to leave a mark that points the way to the future - for spring technology, for us and for the next generation.

Work where you feel at home. 90 of our 170 staff are local residents and a further 60 employees live in the surrounding municipalities. Regional workplaces are important and mean investment in quality, the future and spring technology.

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Executive Board
of Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG

We strive for healthy growth and champion Switzerland as our production site.

Marco Eberhard
Director of Finance & Digitalization,
Member of the Executive Board

Roger Mathis
Managing Director
Miriam von Aarburg
Director of Human Resources,
Member of the Executive Board
Matthias Kuehne
Director of Production & Innovation,
Member of the Executive Board
Andreas Pittermann
Director of sales & marketing,
Member of the Executive Board

“Live and work where you feel at home”

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Story Freizeit

The Federtechnik Company is committed to its location and aims to offer its staff the privilege to work where they feel at home. Regional workplaces are important and mean investment in quality, the future and in the Federtechnik Company.

90 of our 170 staff are local residents and a further 60 employees live in the surrounding municipalities – “live and work where you feel at home”.





We rely on good, specialists who guarantee the lasting success of the Federtechnik Company. Therefore, we are turning apprentices into specialists in different professions. We believe that the daily work provides the best training. Our apprentices are integrated in the process, participate in customer projects and take on responsibility. This enables them to realise how important the customer is and allows us to realise how important the apprentices are.


“I learn every day how important my work is because I do it on your behalf”

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Story Lehrlinge

Starting your professional life is a pioneering step. Training does not only mean learning a trade but also learning to understand your own worth.

Every project is a customer order, every work piece has a use and every production step is an important part of the work process.

If you rely on good specialists, you must contribute to their training. Therefore we have made it our business to train apprentices – both in their job and beyond.

We believe that the daily work provides the best training. Therefore our apprentices are integrated in the process and work directly for the customer. This enables them to realise how important the customer is and allows us to realise how important the apprentices are.

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Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG produces components for almost every industrial sector and can count on numerous national and international customers. We are the right port of call for you, too.



Electrical and high voltage

Mechanical engineering and plant construction

Construction industry

Furniture and office furnishings

Appliances / components

Medical technology

Cable cars





The Federtechnik Company – Past and present



On 29 December 1927, 16 shareholders subscribed for 70 shares and established Federnfabrik und Apparatebau AG in Kaltbrunn. In early 1928 the company started producing extension and compression springs using the plant and equipment recently acquired in Ebnat-Kappel.

The plant of the Ricken Tunnel company was used as the company’s location.


In 2007, after 60 years of producing components in Obermühlestrasse, the executive board decided to relocate the entire production to the newly acquired factory building in Benknerstrasse 54.

Today Federtechnik Kaltbrunn + Wangs uses state-of-the-art machines to develop and produce components on a total surface area of 17,000 m2.



In 1936 Federnfabrik employed 12 staff and in 1940 this figure increased to 33 employees. A good level of operation and pleasing operating results prompted the supervisory board to take on a major construction project. Following comprehensive enquiries, the nearby location of Obermühle in Kaltbrunn was chosen.


In February 2008, the owner of renowned Egli Federnfabrik AG in Dübendorf decided to sell the entire share capital to Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG. With this merger, the Federtechnik Company expanded its expertise, particularly in the field of laser technology.

A team of 250 experienced and motivated specialists ensure unlimited possibilities in spring technology!


In 1947 production in Obermühlestrasse began. A constant level of growth enabled the company to continuously modernise and expand its machinery.  A mere ten years later (1957), Federnfabrik had increased its staff to 100 employees.


On 01/03/2011 Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG acquired the majority of shares in the well-known and internationally active Feinstanz AG Rapperswil-Jona, which has been manufacturing high-precision metal components for more than 50 years with approximately 70 staff. Feinstanz AG has comprehensive expertise in the fields of fine blanking und metal forming technology at the highest level.


In 2004 Federnfabrik und Apparatebau AG took over Straub Federtechnik in Wangs and has since been producing components under the name of “Federtechnik Kaltbrunn + Wangs” on two sites with a total of 210 employees. A further milestone was the obtainment of the ISO-TS 16949 certificate – the gateway to the automotive industry.


On 30/10/2015 the supervisory board of Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG decided to relocate the production from the Wangs site to the Kaltbrunn parent company. This constitutes another measure to secure the competitive capability in the international market.

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